Battlegrounds Mobile India launch: top features

Battlegrounds Mobile India debuted in open beta in the mid of June

PUBG Mobile is back in India in its own new version as Battlegrounds Mobile India as a result of its months-long ban. It debuted in open beta testing from the mid of June

A lot of people who before ban didn’t play PUBG Mobile also jumped on the trend to experience the game. While those who had already played PUBG Mobile exactly knew how to play the game, use which gun to fight battles.


Here are the top 5 features to look out for in the new battle royale title.


1. Brand new effect setting: One of the most exciting feature of Battlegrounds Mobile India is the brand new effect settings. The red-colored hit effect has been eliminatedi to ensure a safe gaming experience for players of different age groups. A new green-colored hit effect has been introduced in the game.

2. Default clothing : In this feature, when a player wants to creates a new account or switche back to an old account, the player will get default clothing on the in-game character. There will be no in-game character without a cloth.

3. Improved gaming environment: Few changes are introduced to make the game more user-friendly like restricted playtime and notification regarding the game being set in the virtual world.

4. Data transfer: Battlegrounds players can transfer all their data from their old PUBG Mobile accounts to the new Battlegrounds Mobile India title. This feature is easy to use and there are clear instructions provided.

5.India-based server: Battlegrounds Mobile India is exclusive to only Indian players. Therefore, the servers are only available in India and Singapore. Player data will be stored on these two servers which will help the company adhere to Government guidelines.


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