Clubhouse brings its DM feature Backchannel

There is no feature to delete the message once sent.

Clubhouse, the oft cloned invite-only audio chat platform that recently expanded to Android, has brought in a most-awaited update.


The audio-social networking app has brought its new feature of direct messaging named as the Backchannel which will be available to use for both iOS as well as Android.


There is an icon of paper airplane which when clicked will open the messaging tab where messages would be sent to anyone. There is no feature to delete the message once sent. Even there is no option yet to send photos and videos. Although a spokesperson from the company said this feature is under process and will soon be rolled out with some other add-on features.


This chat feature can be used by the moderators in the group to chat among themselves while the group is active. This will help connect people better as to text to someone people had to switch to another app to do so.


Clubhouse is seeing a positive response from the people as it has been downloaded by more than 8 million people and more than 5,00,000 rooms are being created on a daily basis.


They had their competition with Twitter spaces and Facebook Live audio rooms which allowed the people to have a chat while the conversation was on. This update has made Clubhouse more user friendly.

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