Delhi hospital treats first case of black fungus in kidney

The important operation took place at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi

In an extraordinary critical condition, doctors saved the life of a 34-year-old man in New Delhi by conducting a successful surgery and removing his right kidney and a portion of his left lung which was severely infected with black fungus.


The important operation took place at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi. The authorities said that this case is being reported in medical literature as the "first such case in the world happening after Covid infection".


The patient was brought to the hospital due to post-Covid illness, which included breathing difficulties and high grade fever etc. After some tests, the specialists pointed out that the mucor had also affected his left lung and the right kidney and so an emergency removal of the affected areas was planned.


The Black fungus infection is more common among patients whose immunity power has been damaged due to Covid-19 or to any other disease.


The hospital statement said, "Since mucor is a fast-spreading disease and could have further damaged his other organs, as a life-saving procedure, immediately a part of his left lung and the entire right kidney was removed in a complicated surgery which lasted six hours. The doctors were Dr Sabyasachi Bal, a thoracic surgeon who removed the infected lung, Dr Manu Gupta, a senior urologist at the hospital who removed his complete right kidney, and Dr Varun Rai, a consultant in the department of ENT, who did sinus surgery and debridement of mucor from the nasal area."

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