Delhi teenager develops affordable air purifier

It is a simple plug-in-play operation, consumes 25-65 watts of electricity

A 19-year-old Delhi teenager has developed an eco-friendly and affordable air purifier to tackle growing air pollution.

The teenager Krrish Chawla named the air purifier as 'Breathify' solves four problems, effectiveness, eco-friendliness, increased quality of HEPA filter and price.

According to him when he was young, he suffered from respiratory issues and had to use nebulizers and cortisone and was surrounded by air purifiers. As a curious kid, he used to open up a lot of machines but when he opened up a purifier he realized it is a very simple machine but costs Rs 35,000 to 40,000. He was shocked that a simple machine like this was so expensive.

So, Krrish claimed that his purifier is plastic-free with 98 per cent of the element being plastic-free and no machineries used in the machine have been imported and it is completely made in India. It is a simple plug-in-play operation, consumes 25-65 watts of electricity. The only maintenance is to change the HEPA filter.

He has sold more than 4,700 units and donated 500 to old age homes, hospitals, orphanages and aims to donate 2,000 more for such causes.


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