Facebook-supported programme to tackle Covid misinformation in India

The programme has been named Covishaala which will aim to educate and inform people


Various misinformations about Covid-19 are spreading throughout social media and in the society and so Logically and NewsMobile on Tuesday announced that they will start media literacy workshops in collaboration with Facebook in India.


The programme is named Covishaala which will aim to educate and inform people across India and will spread true facts about vaccination and Covid-19 virus.


Manish Chopra, Facebook India Director and Head of Partnerships said, "This partnership is the latest step in our ongoing efforts to support fact-checkers and connect them with resources to stop the spread of Covid-19 and health misinformation."


The program deploys a model called Train the Trainer which provides tools and information to influential professionals from various fields including medicine, education, and journalism, by which they need to address the misinformation about the virus impacting their communities.


The workshop is delivered by experts at Logically and NewsMobile along with local journalists and the medical fraternity, includes guidance in various languages on how to spot misinformation, build media literacy skills, and identify trustworthy sources of information. It will also guide the person to take actionable steps regarding the fake news.


The first workshop of Covishaala was held in July this year and it was successful. People from different professions attended from Delhi, Gurgaon and Mumbai.

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