Facebook to hire over 10K employees in EU to build 'Metaverse'

Europe is one of the most important market for Facebook and is a big part of its success

The social media giant Facebook plans to hire around 10,000 in the European Union over the next five years. Their aim is to build the metaverse which is a nascent online world where people exist and communicate in shared virtual spaces.

"This investment (in new jobs) is a vote of confidence in the strength of the European tech industry and the potential of European tech talent," the company said.

Europe is one of the most important markets for Facebook and is a big part of its success. It will also be a huge boost for the European tech.

This will be a major step by the company towards the concept metaverse that top boss Mark Zuckerberg has touted.

The concept metaverse is being talked as the next big advancement in the world of technology.

This year in the month of September,  the tech giants committed $50 million towards building the metaverse. In this field companies like Roblox Corp and Epic Games have an early foothold.

Facebook has already launched a test of a new VR remote work app where people of the company's Oculus Quest 2 headsets can hold meetings as avatar versions of themselves.

The company also said in July that it was assembling a product team to work on the metaverse which would be part of Facebook Reality Labs.

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