Fastest orbiting asteroid discovered in solar system

It is predicted that PH27 may collide with the Sun as its orbit isn't very stable

Scientists found a new asteroid which orbits the sun faster than any of its known neighbours. The name given to the space rock is 2021 PH27, orbits our star once every 113 Earth days. Astronomers at the Carnegie Institution for Science (CIS) announced the discovery .


The space rock 2021 PH27 is hot enough to melt metal and also follows a significantly more elliptical route than Mercury and hence approaches the Sun from a closer distance. Around 20 million kilometres from the sun is the closest distance it reaches during its period of journey and at that distance, the surface of PH27 touches a temperature of around 500 degree Celsius, hot enough to melt lead.


Reports suggest that the asteroid also has the highest general relativity effects of any known solar system object due to its deep dips into the sun's gravitational well.


It is predicted that PH27 may collide with the Sun as it's orbit isn't very stable. If the rock is not expelled from its current route by a gravitational interaction first, it will most certainly collide with the Sun, Mercury, or Venus in a few million years from now.


Dark Energy Camera (DEC), a multipurpose instrument, situated on the Victor M. Blanco 4-meter Telescope, was discovered in 2021 PH27 on 13 August.


Further operations observations determined the course of the asteroid.

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