Flying Car completes historic first inter-city flight in Slovakia

'Turning science fiction into reality': After landing the aircraft transformed into a sports car in under Three minutes

Sounds like something that happens in cartoons, right? But no, this is for real!

Just like we used to see on TVs, AirCar is a flying car that can change from vehicle mode to flying mode in a short time. And now, it has inched closer to production this week when it fulfilled a key development milestone on Monday.

AirCar completed its first inter-city flight -- a 35-minute flight from the international airport in Nitra to the international airport in Bratislava in southwestern Slovakia.

After landing the aircraft transformed into a sports car at a click of a button. The transformation happened in under three minutes.


AirCar's inventor, Professor Stefan Klein, and co-founder Anton Zajac later drove the car into downtown Bratislava. Professor Klein said that inter-city flight marked the beginning of the new age of dual transportation vehicles.

Sounds interesting, right? In no time the AirCar will be launched in foreign markets. Soon we'll be seeing cars flying high in the sky. Till then, let's think at what price this futuristic air car will be fixed.

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