Four Indian astronauts to return to Moscow to try out spacesuits

Indian ambassador to Russia DB Venkatesh Varma said that the spacesuits are being made in Russia

The four Indian Air Force (IAF) officers, who are selected as the astronauts for India's Gaganyaan space project will go back to Moscow again for tailoring and trying out their customised spacesuits. In the month of April this year, they all returned to India from Russia after completing their over one-year specialised astronaut training.


Indian ambassador to Russia D B Venkatesh Varma said that the spacesuits are being made in Russia and the astronauts will be returning to Moscow to undertake tailoring measurements.


The Russian R&D enterprise Zvezda, which is a subsidiary of Russian space agency Roscosmos, is currently manufacturing the spacesuits. The IAF pilots who are chosen for the human spaceflight mission had earlier visited the enterprise's facility last September, where their anthropometric parameters were measured for making their customised spacesuits.


All these projects and provisions for specialised training, spacesuits and space kits are as per a contract signed between Roscosmos subsidiary Glavkosmos and Isro’s Human Spaceflight Centre.


Presently, the chosen four are undergoing module-specific training in India.


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