Google faces another lawsuit over play store fees

In retaliation, Google has called it a baseless case.


An inclusion of 36 states along with the District of Columbia have filed a complaint against the search giant Google that they use market power and force aggressive measures over software developers.


Utah, North California, New York, and Tennessee had led the case, which was filed in the federal court of the North District of California.


The mobile app developers have said that Google charges 30 per cent commission for many transactions on their own product as it provides them with its own system of payment.


The complaint read, “Because of Google’s anticompetitive conduct, Google Play Store’s market share — which is well over 90 percent — faces no credible threats, and market forces cannot exert pressure on its supracompetitive commissions”.


In retaliation, Google has called it a baseless case. They said that it is being done so that their rival Apple store can grow.


In a statement from senior director public policy at Google Wilson Write said, “Android and Google Play provide openness and choice that other platforms simply don’t. This lawsuit isn’t about helping the little guy or protecting consumers. It’s about boosting a handful of major app developers who want the benefits of Google Play without paying for it”.

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