Google knocks Samsung to supply 5G modem for new Pixel phone

Samsung uses its own Exynos modem technology for the flagship smartphones in Asia and Europe

Samsung might supply the 5G modem to Google for the next flagship Pixel smartphone. The information comes from a source familiar with the development who also said that this will be the first win for the Korean firm to enter the competition market in the US which is dominated by Qualcomm Inc.


Few days ago Google revealed that it has designed its own processor chip to power it's new high-end Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones and ending their complete reliance on Qualcomm. Samsung might manufacture the processor for Google and will also supply the 5G modem technology.


The Korean company's step to provide the Pixel's modem technology is important because it is the one and only company out of three in the world capable of making 5G modems that connect devices to wireless data networks. The other two companies are Qualcomm and MediaTek Inc.


Samsung uses its own Exynos modem technology for the flagship smartphones in Asia and Europe but has relied on Qualcomm to provide modems for it's US versions. It is because Qualcomm has an advantage in technology in a variant of 5G networking called millimeter wave, which provides the fastest speeds available with the new networks and so till date, all smart phones released in the US including Apple iPhone have used Qualcomm chips to tap millimeter wave networks.


Experts made the connection when the Korean company told media that it's new modem technology was capable of millimeter wave networking and Google said it's new phones will support millimeter wave networks, though neither company would comment directly on whether they are working on the new Pixel together or not but a speculation remains.


If Samsung gets Google's Pixel business then it will be the first big chance to show off it's chip making skills to the wider phone industry as they had never before sold it's 5G modem chip technology to an outside company.


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