Google Search on desktop web gets dark theme

Google acknowledged that the users requested for this feature

The Google search engine has rolled out the dark theme feature or an official dark mode on desktops. The dark mode is preferred by many users who don't like bright webpages and prefers to avoid them.


The users after opening open the settings, will see the "Appearance" option at the end of the menu and can find the options for selecting dark theme as a default theme alongside with the Light theme. The dark gray background will appear when a user is signed in with their Google Account on desktop.


The new update will cover the search pages which includes the Google homepage, search results page, and Search settings, among others.


According to the reports, the users might also get a banner in search results, while a sun icon was also spotted in the top-right corner to quickly enable/disable.


The company said, "I am thrilled to announce that starting today and fully rolling out over the next few weeks, Dark theme is now available for Google Search pages on desktop."


While announcing the new feature, Google acknowledged that the users requested for this feature and said the Search dark theme would be fully available in the coming days.

The new feature is also tested on the mobile.


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