Google staff may face pay cut for continuing WFH

The policy will potentially face a backslash from the employees, reports suggested


Since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, Google has been way too supportive towards its employees by asking them to work from home for a whole year.


However, according to Google's pay calculator, the employees who are planning to work from home permanently could face a pay-cut ranging from ten to twenty-five percent.


The company is planning a new salary audit which will ensure fair credit employees, the reports added. The company's compensation packages have always been determined by location and they always pay more than the salary market value as claimed by an company official.


So employees who choose to move away to a cheaper place and plans to work from home may see significant differences in their salary sheet.


Google is not the only company planning for such actions, various Silicon Valley firms are also shifting for the same procedure to reduce the expenses.

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