Huawei accused of stealing trade secrets, spying in Pakistan

Huawei has been accused that they created a backdoor tech to keep track on Pakistani citizens

Business Efficiency Solutions has accused Huawei for allegedly spying on Pakistani citizens and stealing tech from a California-based IT consultant company.


On Wednesday, the complaint was filed against the Chinese tech giants.

They are banned in the US after being accused of being labelled as a security risk in the US.


Huawei has been accused that they created a "backdoor" tech to keep track of the national security of Pakistan by collecting the sensitive information of its citizens. The system might have allowed Huawei to get personal info from Pakistan to China.


The accused company is yet to respond to the lawsuit filed against them. Huawei had been facing many legal issues while many countries had banned the network and products from the company showing security issues while others clearly accused the company as a Chinese spy agent.


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