Internet gaming disorder common in young generation

Game addicted kids face issues like anxiety, depression and in some cases suicidal thoughts as well.

Since the launch of PUBG, parents have already declared their kids addicted to gaming and smartphones. Now to prove them right, a study has claimed the same.


A new research has found that young people are being addicted to gaming, which is resulting in sleep difficulties, anxiety, depression and in some cases suicidal thoughts as well.


In an interview conducted over the phone among the students between the year 2007 and 2015 it was seen that roughly one in 20 had an ‘internet gaming disorder’. It is a condition which happens with excessive use of electronic gaming offline and online.


Dr Maurice Ohayon, director of the Stanford Sleep IQ Epidemiology Research Centre at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif said, “Like with any addiction, to be considered a disorder, internet gaming must cause disturbances in daily life”.


A perfect example of this disorder is playing games till late night and then having difficulties getting up in the morning to go to class or work.


It was seen that 90% of the American households are connected to the internet and teens and young adults are the highest consumers of it. The pandemic has even let this disorder grow more.


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