iPhone 13 unlikely to feature in-display Touch ID

The new iPhone will have a lot of upgrades in it's camera, processor, and storage

The new Apple iPhone 13 might not come with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor under the display. The company tested the in-display Touch ID technology for the next iPhone but decided that it will not be in this year’s iPhone but the company may have another goal and can launch an iPhone with advanced unlocking technology.

The rumours were washed out by reports coming from tech experts who stated that that the iPhone 13 is likely to come with the same Face ID unlocking system as its predecessors.

In-display Touch ID technology may arrive on a flagship iPhone next year but Apple seems to have a long-term goal to implement Face ID into the display.

Reports indicate that Apple may be working on a technology in which the display will be hidden under Face ID sensors, much like how under-screen camera technology works.

Though the company has many plans for the upcoming phone as the new iPhone will have a lot of upgrades in its camera, processor, and storage, the security system can also have some worthy upgrades.

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