Is your phone under the scanner of Pegasus spyware?

Ministers, businessmen and others around the globe have been a victim of Pegasus.

Once again pegasus is back in the world of technology. For the unversed, Pegasus is a spyware which can get into anyone’s phone and can provide all the details to the hacker.


This sort of technical virus is generally used by top government officials and the government to look after prominent personalities for instance, journalists, politicians and people who have a good importance in the society.


It is being said that a lot of ministers, businessmen and more people around the globe have got their phones spied by this spyware.


But what if you're also amongst the one who's phone is under the scanner of Pegasus? To calm your worries, just know the fact that it is very expensive and sophisticated to use. It can be mostly done by well-to-do organizations and government agencies who have a big budget to handle this. It targets people who cause national threat or they have secret information with them.


For common, it is recommended to avoid suspicious links they get over WhatsApp or over normal text. Not only Pegasus, there are even several other spywares present which can steal away your data and money.


This is not the first time this spyware is creating havoc, In 2016 and 2019 there were talks in the general public that human rights activists and journalists were being checked all over the world using it.



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