Japanese space tourist to cook dishes on international space station

All these plans are going to be implemented in December.

Now traveling to space has become a new trend for billionaires. Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos and now, Yusaku Maezawa.


Yusuka, a Japanese billionaire is about to travel to the International Space Station in the aircraft named ‘Soyuz-MS 20’. However, he wants to do something different on his trip - cook. Yes, he has plans to make some of his national dishes in space. He said he would love to share them with other crew members.


All these plans are going to be implemented in December.


The 45-year-old said travelling to the station will actually help him know more about it. Yusuka along with his assistant Yozo Hirano will be going to the station on 8th December. The flight is planned to last 12 days. Russian cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin will be the person who will be leading the crew in the exploration.


At the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre, outside Moscow, a pre-flight training is being done for the people going in the spacecraft.


It is also speculated that Yusuka will be travelling with Elon Musk’s SpaceX to the moon in 2023. He said staying in the station will give him some experience of the outer area which will eventually help him in the trip to the moon.

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