Microsoft to update 1800+ emojis

It asked users if their tweet gets over 20K likes they would update 1888 emojis.

Microsoft has unveiled a new set of emoji that’s going to be available across its Microsoft 365 apps and services, as well as Windows 11.


In a blog post, Microsoft asked people if the tweet shared by them gets over 20K likes they would update 1888 emojis across all the Microsoft service and all other apps as well, by this year.


Clippy, as it is known to people who used Office in its early days, was the office assistant which was discontinued in 2007. It was done as they had to experience a lot of backlash on the virtual assistant. Although the plan is to bring it back in Office 365.


It is a plan by Microsoft to bring in a 3D emoji animating it to align with the new language they are working on named “Fluent”. Fluent will bring in more vibrant and human-like designs. Office will also see 5 new emojis which will be based on the theme of work from home.


Microsoft said that they are choosing 3D over 2D so that they can animate most of them for the user to enjoy. These new updates will be seen in the coming months.


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