NASA Perseverance Mars rover to bring first Martian rock

The scientists are working to study more about Mars and see if life can sustain it.

Perseverance Mars is all set to go on the red-planet and collect the first rock sample from there. It is expected that in the next two weeks the important mission will begin.


NASA started their rover mission from 1 June which was to search 4 of floor which would have Jezero’s most ancient layers of bedrock.


There is an expectation that the sample will create a new era of study in planetary science and discovery, said Thomas Zurbuchen, an associate administrator for science at NASA headquarters.


It will take about 11 days for Perseverance to collect the sample as the instructions and control of it will be monitored from earth which is millions of kilometres away. It is considered as the cleanest mechanism which was ever to be sent in space.


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