NASA's InSight Rover Experiences Marsquake For Over 90 Minutes

As per the U.S. space station the Marsquake occurred on 18 September

Earthquakes are one of the dangerous natural disasters on the planet Earth. Sometimes regular occurrences hardly get noticed by the measuring devices. Massive Earthquakes can destroy lives and properties.


It was found that Earth is not the only planet in our solar system that gets such massive quakes. The red planet Mars also experiences powerful quakes named Marsquake.


The InSight Rover of NASA just experienced a powerful Marsquake during its mission recently. The rover detected one of the high-powered and long-lasting quakes on the Martian surface since the start of its mission. It is estimated that the temblor had a 4.2 magnitude and went on for 90 minutes. Earthquakes on our planet happen in a few seconds or maximum for a few minutes and result in mass destruction.


As per the U.S. space station the Marsquake occurred on 18 September. This Marsquake came after two other big quakes that happened on 25 August. The InSight rover also detected a quake of 3.7 in 2019, which was massive.


Scientists are studying the event and said that the 25 August Marsquakes recorded a magnitude of 4.2 and was about 5,280 miles or 8,500 Kms away from the epicenter.


The celestial Marsquake will further help us understand the secrets of the planet.


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