New Samsung technology can remotely disable its stolen TVs

This feature is already pre-loaded on all Samsung TV products

The South Korean company Samsung has revealed that they have upgraded their TV's with a new feature called Television Block Function which lets the company remotely disable it's TVs, if they’re stolen or obtained by unlawful means.


This step was taken by the company to tackle the issue of stolen TVs from its warehouses in South Africa. The South Korean company has announced that it has activated this feature on all its TV sets which were stolen from Cato Ridge distribution centre in KZN on 11 July 2021.


According to the company , TV Block is a remote, security solution that is supposed to detect if any TV units have been illegitimately activated. The tech giant said that they want to make sure that the TV sets can only be used by the owners who purchased the product legally.


The feature will be activated automatically when the user of a stolen television connects to the internet, which is necessary to operate the smart television, and once the TV gets connected to the internet, the specific serial number of the product is identified on the Samsung server and the blocking system is implemented immediately, which will disable all the television functions.


As per the information given by the company, this feature is already pre-loaded on all Samsung TV products. They also claim that the technology is meant to stop the sale of their products in the black markets, both in South Africa and beyond its borders but the implementation of the Television Block Function seems to be applicable for TVs in South Africa only for now.


The company will decide whether to implement this new feature for all it's TV products around the world.


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