Now make pure drinking water from air: UAE launches new technology

The environment friendly process can also help in CO2 savings and no single-use plastics.

In a technological initiative a company name Eshara Water is able to manufacture a type of generators that can produce ‘pure drinking water’ from air.

According to the company “There are 37 million billion litres of freshwater in the atmosphere stored as humidity. There’s water stored as humidity in the atmosphere than we could ever need.” So the company has developed a technology that extracts humidity from air and turns it into really high-quality drinking water.

This technology has been also developed in other parts of the world, but this is the first time that an UAE company developed this technology.

The technology also monitors and judges the relative humidity within the air and judges the temperature of the air. Then, it calculates how much it needs to change the temperature of that air in order for it to reach its dew point, i.e., the moment when the air is about to release all of its water. The air then passes through a filtration system to remove dust and particulates; it is then condensed into water before being passed through a mineralisation chamber. Then the water is treated with ultraviolet light to confirm its purity. After all this process, the water becomes fit for consumption.

It is also important for environment as its supports the UAE’s and the UN’s sustainability goals by ending the use of single-use plastics. The environment friendly process can help in CO2 savings and no single-use plastics.

The product is six times cheaper than bottled water. The company is manufacturing three machines: A five-litre water generator for households and hotel rooms, 30-litre and 1,000-litre.

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