NTT launches first globally available private 5G network

Shahid Ahmed has been appointed to lead the private 5G service portfolio

NTT, a global technology service provider has claimed to be the world's first to launch globally available private LTE/5G Network as a service platform.


Named as NTT P5G, the platform offers a single one-to-one management and service creation platform. It was designed for the enterprise chief information and chief digital officers, including enterprise security, device and edge management, application development, big data analytics, and deep back-office integration.


Shahid Ahmed was appointed to lead the private 5G service portfolio. He was given the role of EVP of new ventures and innovation. The company said that the system runs on a cloud-native architecture and can be delivered via cloud, on-premises, or at the edge.


“As data and mobility become more critical to business operations, 5G will enable enterprises to reinvent business operations. With faster speeds and more data, 5G will facilitate advances in artificial intelligence, automation, and IoT", said Eric Clark, NTT Data Services North America chief digital and strategy officer.


The company also said that they are well positioned to guide their clients on this journey of 5G networking.


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