Planetary conjunction: Mars, Venus, Moon set to align on July 12-13

IIA shared a post on social media to inform about the occurrence of the rare event.


A unique week is ahead for sky gazers and astronomy enthusiasts as two of Earth’s immediate neighbours - Venus and Mars are all set to come closer to one another in the coming days. This celestial event has been termed as ‘planetary conjunction’ as it will be easily visible to the naked eye.


Being observable only from Earth, such a phenomenon occurs when two planets come closest to each other on a specific day even though they remain far away from one another.


Informing people about the event on social media, Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) shared a post on social media to inform about the rare event happening in the sky. They even said Mars and Venus will be passing each other’s path very closely with a difference of only 0.5 degrees.


This special phenomenon will continue till 13th July and if people wish to see it even further they can see the planets' departure from each other as well.

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