Reddit goes down worldwide

The company is trying to fix the problem and retrieve the normal working system


Reddit, an American social news website, was down globally since 8 am IST. The users complained that they are not being able to access the site properly and even login.


The company's status noted that they have identified the problems and are currently working to restore the site in no time.


When users were trying to access the site, "CDN cannot access Reddit's servers" was popping on their screen.


The company has not given any details about the reasons for the malfunction. The problem is faced by users who tried to access the site through mobile, laptops and other devices.


Server crash generally happens when a hostile internet bug affect the server of the company and bringing down the whole system in minutes. The problem of network errors is faced by many companies even Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram along all it's subdivisions and even companies which are linked faced serious server problems from time to time.



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