Rise in ransomware attacks since last year

These attacks target sectors like infrastructure, travel, financial services


A 64 percent hike in ransomware attacks has been witnessed between August 2020 and July 2021, revealed by a report on Thursday.


Barracuda, a security solutions provider, in their latest Threat Spotlight, analysed that around 121 ransomware incidents took place in the last ten months.


The attacks are done by a handful of high skill groups who initiated some serious attacks on the market.


Groups like Revil accounted for 19 percent of the attacks whereas DarkSide 8 percent. The criminals are trying to crack the foundation of the digital economy all over the world.


These attacks on sectors like infrastructure, travel, financial services, and other businesses make up to 57 percent.


With the world investing for the development of their digital economy, these attacks are increasingly gaining speed.

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