Russian space agency boss invites Musk for tea & space talks

Elon Musk took on his Twitter account and said "thanks"

Dmitry Rogozin has invited SpaceX CEO Elon Musk to his home to discuss efforts to explore the universe and whether there's life on other planets. He is the head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos.


Rogozin in a previous interview said, "Mr. Elon Musk realises many of the ideas and thoughts that we wanted to realise but did not get to because, after the breakup of the Soviet Union, our space program halted for some time," Rogozin said.


He also said, "We respect him as an organizer of the space industry and as an inventor, who is not afraid to take risks."


Elon Musk took to his Twitter account and said "thanks" and asked the Russian chief "what is your favourite tea?". Rogozin replied that they could "start with my grandmother's favourite" blend, and posted a picture of a box of 'Three Friendly Elephants' loose-leaf tea.


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