Scientists develop 'strip' for charging phones via human energy

The mechanism of strips uses fingertips for the charging.

In what can be considered as a brilliant invention, a group of scientists have invented a strip that could help charge smartphones and watches using the energy generated by the human body.


It is just like other power producing strips which are available in the market making the user perform intense exercise or depends on the solar energy of the sun to charge the device.


But this device which was developed at University of California, San Diego can even charge the electronics even while the person is sleeping.


In a study, it was seen that in a 10-hour sleep the strip is capable of charging devices which can run for at least 24 hours.


Lu Kin, the doctoral student and also the co-author in the study, said the mechanism of its working uses the fingertips for the charging strips.


The device is made with carbon foam and electrical conductors, which absorbs human sweat. When the sweat is absorbed the enzymes on the electrodes start a chemical reaction between sweat molecules, lactate, oxygen and the final result of it is the generation of electricity.


The fingertips are used for the strips because sweat on the tips of our fingers evaporates easily as it is exposed to the air.

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