Scientists introduce bio-methanation technology for organic waste treatment

This system can be used anywhere in the country

Scientists and researchers invented a new efficient technology by bio-methanation for the integrated treatment of sewage and organic solid waste which can treat groundwater and wastewater and convert it to potable water.


A release from the Ministry of Science & Technology said that it can be used for the sewage and organic solid waste treatment with decentralized applications in various parts of the country.


Presently, the solid and liquid wastes are major challenges faced by the big cities. It is also for the rapidly urbanizing areas, and reliable technologies are needed to take care of the situation. An integrated treatment of sewage can help evolve a suitable system to overcome waste disposal issues.


This project was jointly developed by Dr A Gangagni Rao, chief scientist, and Dr S Sridhar, Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR- Indian Institute of Chemical Technology.


This system can be used anywhere in the country where municipalities comprising around 50,000 to 1,00,000 population can generate approximately around 2 to 4 million litres per day of sewage and around 5 to 10 metric tons per day of organic solid waste.

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