Single-particle engines' response to noise can help construct micro-machines

These micro-mechanical machines are the main forefront of present-day science and technology

Some researchers said that the Performance of tiny engines encompassing single colloidal particles vary with modulations in environmental noise. They evaluated the response of such micro engines to noise fluctuations in the surrounding medium.


A Science and Technology Ministry release said, "This insight will be essential for future construction of micro-machines that operate in complex biological environments and are becoming increasingly important in biomedical engineering."


These micro-mechanical machines are the main forefront of present-day science and technology. Its applications range from aerospace to biomedical engineering.


The release added, "In these systems, mechanical work and power production is highly dominated by the fluctuations in its environment. Therefore, understanding the role of environment noise statistics on this energy conversion is pivotal to understanding the operation of such micro-machines like naturally occurring molecular motors that carry out transportation inside a living cell."


A micrometer-sized Stirling engine by confining a single colloidal particle with a laser trap is constructed by researchers at the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR).


While testing its functioning in the presence of reservoirs with thermal noise and non-thermal noise, they found that the engine is responding to non-thermal noise.


The study has been published recently in the journal 'Nature Communications'.

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