Snapchat to introduce Snap Scan

iOS users will be the first one to use it



American multimedia instant messaging app Snapchat is introducing a new and improved Scan feature which can identify food, plants, suggest AR lenses, solve mathematical problems etc. The Snap Scan feature will be an advanced step towards visual searching, making Snapchat a strong visual search engine.


iOS users will be the first one to use it and after a few weeks android users will also be available to use the feature.


The update will be coming in a few weeks and the users will have to download the latest Snapchat application on their smartphones. The Snapchat camera icon will be replaced with the Snap Scan feature.


The feature will come with a dog scanner that will identify over dog breeds and along this the feature there will also be able to discover the model, make, reviews and will also show the price of cars, even the capability to scan over a million food products and display nutrition ratings.

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