Study founds Apple Watch Series 6 oximeter 'reliable' for lung disease patients

The researchers collected SpO2 and heart rate data with Apple Watch Series 6

A new study was conducted by the University of Sao Paulo which has revealed that the Apple Watch Series 6 is a reliable way to obtain heart rate and oxygen saturation (SpO2) in patients who are suffering from lung diseases under controlled conditions.
This study was published in the journal Scientific Report and said, “strong positive correlations between the Apple Watch device and commercial oximeter."
It points out that “there was no statistical difference in the evaluation of skin colour, wrist circumference, presence of wrist hair, and enamel nail for SpO2 and heart rate measurements in Apple Watch or commercial oximeter devices”.
Around 100 patients participated in the study who were suffering with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and interstitial lung disease from an outpatient pneumology clinic.
The researchers collected SpO2 and heart rate data with Apple Watch Series 6 and compared the results with two commercial pulse oximeters.
They found strong positive relations between the Apple Watch Series 6 device and commercial oximeters while checking the heart rate measurements and oximetry measurements. The Apple Watch has a tendency of higher SpO2 values than commercial oximeters but heart rate measurements were no doubt similar in both devices.
The study concluded that “despite a tendency to present higher values when compared to conventional oximetry devices, the Apple Watch device was accurate and similar”. Although it is important to mention that results were made “under controlled conditions”.

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