Super Mario 64 game sells for over Rs 11.5 crore

Super Mario 64 had a grading of 9.8A++ Wata rating.

Breaking all the previous records, Super Mario stunned the gaming industry when a copy of Super Mario 64 from 1996 was sold at a price of $1,56,000 which is Indian currency is around Rs 11.5 crore.


Generally, prices do go high when a game is very rare but considering Super Mario as Nintendo already sold millions of copies since 1996.


Wata is a grading service where people can send their video games for certification and verification. It is the most important step as this only decides the value of such high-valued games.


Super Mario 64 had a grading of 9.8A++ Wata rating, which is the highest for any Mario game. This rating means that the quality is near perfect. Heritage Auctions is the place where all such things happen regularly. The last highest copy of Super Mario 64 sold was at a price of $38,400 in January with 9.4A+ rating from Wata.


This broke the previous record of The Legends of Zelda when it was sold for the highest price of $870k.


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