Tesla's advanced Autopilot mistakes moon for a traffic light

A video shared by a Twitter user Jordon Nelson where car's autopilot features mistakes moon for yellow traffic light

Tesla that is known for its world-class technology and safety measures. It is most ways closely resembles a Silicon Valley technology startup.


The carmaker are also widely known for their new advanced autopilot or remote driving feature which lets people to control the vehicles without being behind the wheel.


A Tesla car owner had pitched an issue with its advanced autopilot system that mistakes the moon for a traffic light.


In a viral video shared and filmed and by Jordan Nelson shows the Full Self-Driving system that confuses the moon for a yellow traffic light which was prompting the car to slow down.


Jordan Nelson tagged the company’s CEO and billionaire Elon Musk asking to have his team look into the issue while sharing it on Twitter.


In that clip, the moon appears to be yellow and low in the sky that has most likely had contributed to this issue. Though, it's not any regular or major issue, but it’s definitely issue enough that drivers would want it taken care of.


Despite being viewed by more than one million times, the video could not get a response from either Tesla or Elon Musk. However, other netizens reacted to the tweet by suggesting changes in the algorithms and by posting witty remarks.

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