Top 10 free apps on Google Play Store in India

The term 'App' is the short form of software applications which were originally intended for user assistance

A smartphone is useless without applications or app which help users on various grounds. The term 'App' is the short form of software applications which were originally intended for user assistance such as email, calendar, and contact information but demands for them caused a major expansion into other areas such as mobile gaming, sales and services, business etc.


There are many applications which are in the market and among them these are best free apps in Google Play Store:





An app for one step destination for clothing and accessories for women. It has around 100 million downloads with a rating of 4.4 in the play store.




One of the largest social media app which even popular celebrities use. The app is a photo and short video sharing app but presently is also a large business market for media influencers.





It is an American multimedia instant messaging app which is used by a large number of people. The app has various camera filters and lenses which enhances the user experience and quality pictures.




The Indian e-commerce business app has a revenue generation of Rs 43,615 crore according to the 2019 fiscal year.


Fortune Cat


This app can be used to complete various tasks and have fun. The app is a stress releaser and takes the spot of being one of the best free apps.



Ludo King


A computerized form of the age old Indian game with four players who compete with each other. The app became famous during the pandemic and ever since is rising higher in gaming platforms.




A phone security app which helps the user to detect unidentified calls from their database. Proved to be useful in various cases and gives the user the true results.




The phone payment app used for digital payment of money. The app link with the bank account provides free transfer of money from one person to another anywhere in India with the help of correct registered numbers. It has a million downloads and is used by both sellers and buyers in the case of online e-commerce.




The video playing app which can play the file in any format and give better sound quality with a clear picture.




The most used app for social media which started the revolution in apps. With the most popular and downloaded, this app has the largest number of users all over the world.


Honorable mentions - Pro Evolution soccer, TikTok, Amazon.


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