Top 5 video games of 2021

Check out some great picks for video games which have kept the generation to stick to their seats.

In a bizarre, unsettling, and oftentimes downright frightening year, video games became a port of refuge for many, be they longtime gamers, old-school veterans picking the controller back up after a break, or first-timers looking for a novel way to safely have fun or connect with friends during pandemic lockdowns.



Take a look at the top 5 video games of 2021:



1. Hitman 3


Available in almost all game playing consoles from Xbox to PlayStation and even PC. The first two part of Hitman have been a huge hit. It is a series of assassination missions taking places in Berlin Warehouses, Argentinian wineries and also the huge English mansion.


Players take on from killing by putting a trap, to even blasting up a surface. Hitman has been a favourite in the action sector for a lot of gaming enthusiasts.



2. Resident Evil Village


It is also available on all gaming platforms. Resident Evil has seen a lot of updates. In this, the village sees the hero who is in trouble, Ethan Winters who is attempting to start a new life in the outskirts of Europe. His wife and baby daughter are kidnapped and then the quest begins which involves a lot of adventure including tall vampire women, gothic castles and a lot more. People actually enjoy this adventure based game a lot.


3. Maquette


A game made by Annapurna Interactive is perfect for the recursive gaming world. It is a myth game where you find a replica of everything in the mansion as it is built with mirrors. You put a key in there and you find the exact replica of a smaller key on the opposite side.


The mechanics is the main core of the game, which the player once understands becomes easy for him to play it. It is only available to play on the PlayStation console.


4. Dorfromantik


The urban planning game which is very popular amongst this generation, same as SimCity, it is the game of developing a city bit by bit. It has a lot of challenges for the player as well which they need to complete to build the required thing which they want in a planned city.


The game has earned a lot of audience from a straight zero. There is the rival clan attack to make the territory by connecting lake to lake then lake to river and making points. A game which was highly played in the year 2021 so far.


5. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition


A sci-fi game which has earned a lot of claims from the critics. People join the crew of the starfish and look ahead to the phases of doing a lot of things together here. Chopping it off about life, love, death and a lot more. It is seen that no other game has seen so much serenity in the gameplay.


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