Top 8 gaming controversies of last two decades

Correcting controversial issues such as these are the first step to a more inclusive gaming future.

Gaming industry, which is growing rapidly, has also had controversies over the last two decades.


Giving a parallel defeat to other industries, here are some of the most controversial decisions, situations, and topics, with a rating that approximates how widespread the discourse was, and the severity of the controversy's cause.



1. The “Hot Coffee” incident


Gaming giants like that of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas landed in trouble when a deleted scene was found in the hidden data files of the game. In it, the main character was seen engaging in some uncensored adult activities with one of his girlfriends. Although it was deleted, modders somehow put that scene in the PC version back, which made things worse.


2. 38 studios bought money from government to make games


Curt Schilling, who was once a baseball player, started a game studio named 38 Studios. Their main objective was to create a MMO based on “Project Copernicus”, while waiting on it, they acquired a different project under Big Huge Game. They took a loan of $75 million from Rhode Island, this put them under extreme pressure to pay back the loan as soon as possible. The game didn’t work as expected and after the launch of Reckoning within three months they went bankrupt.


3. Grant Theft Auto V torture scene


GTA V still stands as one the games which is loved by everyone. One of the biggest games of the decade, it was also seen negatively in one part. When the game was out in the market it had a scene in which one of the main characters had to participate in torture. There was no opting out of it as one has to do it to continue playing further.


4. Star Wars Battlefront II had to pay to win


Released in 2017, it was one of the most liked games of that year. Even the fans loved the film more than the previous ones. With the games Beta version launched in which the loot boxes in the multiplayer mode gave the advantage to the player who had to pay more money. EA then came forward to explain themselves over the loot boxes issue which didn’t create any help. They further had to remove the system and then a full new setup was made.


5. No Man’s Sky fan angry with no multiplayer


A sci-fi game in which players were meant to explore its universe. But after it came into the market a lot of important features were missing from it. Even the basic ones which would help the players explore with their friends. This game was considered a disappointment.


6. Cyberpunk 2077 the disappointment


The game in the eight generation played on consoles played in 2020 was the worst of its work. It never got finished even after a lot of missions and gaming hours. It didn’t keep the promise it showed in the video release. Also it had a lot of other issues which made the game crash more frequently. The extent was so bad that Sony had to offer a refund to the ones who bought it from the store.


7. Resident Evil 5 with racist undertone


Resident Evil 5 had to face a lot of criticism when it came in 2007. In the trailer it showed a white protagonist killing a lot of black counterparts. It saw a lot of backlash as it was demeaning to black people.


8. Diablo looking on computers and not on phones


Diablo immortal was a mobile game which created a lot of dissatisfaction in the fans' hearts as they were expecting a PC game. They even asked the authorities as if it was a late April fool’s joke. This made the fans sad as the designer asked them as if they don’t have phones to play games on.


With all the controversies that have come to light, players and fans of different gaming communities can only hope that these instances have brought important issues to the forefront of people’s minds. Correcting controversial issues such as these are the first step to a more inclusive gaming future.

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