US govt readying landmark case against Google

The US government is trying minimize the monopoly of the Google and wants to promote a healthy market competition

Google's digital advertising business is under the radar of the US government. The government is weaving an elaborate antitrust lawsuit against “crown jewels” one of Google's divisions in the ad tech market.


According to reports from internal sources, it shows that more than 85 percent of online display advertising space of electronic trading exchanges in the US is operated by Google.


The domination of one of the most powerful companies in Silicon Valley in the share of ad revenue is visible as it earned almost $134 billion in advertising revenue in Q1 2020.


From the Trump government to the Biden administration, the US government is trying to minimize the monopoly of Google and wants to promote healthy market competition. The government cites that Google is illegally maintaining a monopoly in the search market, while Google said that customers choose them as they are the most reliable company.



In the future, there will be a potential legal clash with full force between the government and Google.


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