WhatsApp to allow chat history transfer between Android & iOS: Report

The company was reportedly working on an functionality to develop such system

Social media messaging application WhatsApp will now bring the most requested update for it's users who will be able to move their entire chat history between mobile operating systems.


The app will be introducing a feature that will soon become accessible to users of both Android and iOS devices and will allow them to move their WhatsApp chats, voice notes, photos securely between different mobiles and OS.


Rumours have been spreading about the update for a long time. The company was reportedly working on functionality to develop such a system.


The feature introduced by the company will only work with Samsung devices and the Korean tech giant's own transfer tool, known as Smart Switch.


Smart Switch helps transferring contacts, photos, music, messages, notes and now, it will transfer WhatsApp chat histories also.


The feature is expected to be introduced in all the mobile operating systems soon and will benefit the users worldwide.

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