Host Nauman Niaz asks Shoaib Akhtar to leave live tv show midway

Following the event a video clip of the show has since gone viral on social media

The Pakistan cricket team continues to maintain their domination in the T20 World Cup by back-to-back victories.


In this situation, some of the former Pakistani players are creating controversial headlines for all the wrong reasons. Recently, after Waqar Younis' “namaz in front of Hindus” comment, former Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar was asked to leave a cricket talk-show midway by the host.


Akhtar was invited to discuss the Pakistan's performance in the ongoing T20 World Cup by a Pakistani channel which also invited world cricket greats like Sir Vivian Richards and David Gower.


During the live show, Akhtar was discussing the rise of Shaheen Afridi and Haris Sohail in the national team and was interrupted by the host Dr. Nauman Niaz. Akhtar was displeased and after he expressed his dissatisfaction, the host told him to leave the show midway if he wants to.


"You're being a little rude and I don't want to say this: but if you're being over smart, you can go. I am saying this on air," Niaz told Akhtar live on-air.


Following the event a video clip of the show has since gone viral on social media and Akhtar later had resigned from the channel.


Akhtar reacted to the viral video and he wrote in Twitter that, “Multiple clips are circulating on social media so I thought I shud clarify Dr. noman was abnoxious and rude wen he asked me to leave the show, it was embarrassing specially wen u have legends like sir Vivian Richards and David gower sitting on the set with some of my contemporaries”.


".... and seniors and millions watching. I tried to save everyone from embarrassment by saying I was pulling dr nomans leg with this mutual understanding that dr noman will also politely apologise and we will move on with the show, which he refused to do. Then I had no other choice,” he wrote in the second tweet


On the other hand the host did some damage control and took to Twitter to call Akhtar 'a star'.


“I wonder why one has to be reminded @shoaib100mph is a star. He has been the best of the best, he shall always be. He has brought laurels to the country is undeniable. One side of the story always attracts nonetheless having been friends for ages I’ll always wish him the best,” he tweeted.


The Pakistani fast bowler Akhtar has been busy since the start of the T20 World Cup, giving his expert analysis and discussing the Pakistan cricket team's journey in the tournament.

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