It's not a goodbye: Messi after Barca departure

The GOAT has left his kingdom in search of a new one

One of the greatest players in Barcelona's history Lionel Messi has conveyed an emotional message through his social media accounts after leaving his 21 years career at FC Barcelona. The Argentine came in tears when he began a press conference.

The 34 years old Argentinian, held a press conference on Sunday at the Auditori 1899 at Camp Nou elucidating the reasons for his exit.

"It's time to say has been a long time, a whole life. I arrived here at 13 years of age and I cannot be more proud of what I have done and experienced in this city where I will surely return one day, that I have promised to my kids also." He said.

His family, friends and team mates were present. He declared his never ending love for the Club with which he has won more than 35 trophies and many numerous awards throughout his career. He has scored 672 goals in 778 games.

Barca President Joan LaPorta's clarification that Keeping Lionel Messi would be risky for Barcelona's future also craved the way Argentine's departure as many believes. While in the conference Messi told that he wanted to stay and even accepted a pay cut but nothing went as planned.

"I did all I could to stay, that's what I wanted but it could not be done. I accepted a 50% pay cut and after that nothing else was asked of me. I feel so sad to leave the club I love at a moment that I did not expect. I never lied, I was always up front." he further said.

Finally, Messi gave a brief message for Barca fans. He said Barca is the biggest team in the world and the club is more important than anything.

The Barca legend is now a free agent and according to rumors, he is all set to join Paris Saint-Germain F.C.

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