Sex before game is okay, but sleep alone: Ronaldo's sleep advisor

The sleep guru had advised Ronaldo to take five snoozes a day


No sex before a big game is an age-old tradition in sports. Nick Littlehales, a former golf pro calls this unspoken rule “absolute crap”.


Some of Littlehales' announcements may sound over the top, but his clients which includes both the football and cycling teams, corporations, and also Cristiano Ronaldo, who has lately returned to Manchester United after magnificent chapters with Real Madrid and Juventus.


The sleep adviser once in an interview with The Guardian told that sex the night before a big competition is alright, but an athlete must sleep alone after the act and cuddling up can wait.


If the sportsperson wants to share his bed, some other factors are need to be considered, including the size of the bed, whether the partner is a restless sleeper and also what the dominant hand of the athlete is.


Nick Littlehales says that it is also important for a sportsperson to know their chronotype which means that whether they are a morning or night person.


The sleep adviser told Guardian, “If you don’t identify what that chronotype is, you become an in-betweener.”


This can be key for athletes as they generally have night matches.


The sleep adviser said several that are born with an ability to function at their level best into the night, while others need to adapt.


The sleep guru, Littlehales first got the ear of Manchester United’s legendary boss Alex Ferguson.


Littlehales helped the United defender Gary Pallister relief his back injuries by changing his sleeping arrangements.


Nick Littlehales is a discipliner about sleeping arrangements and it would be impossible for a common man to obey each of his instructions.


But wealthy sports organisations and top sport personalities such as Cristiano Ronaldo, have the means to arrange everything including the right temperature, freshly washed linen every day, the right pillows and angles and others.


As for football personality Ronaldo, the sleep guru had advised him to take five snoozes a day.


Although, Littlehales refuses to call them snoozes or naps.

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