Tokyo braces to feed Games Village with 48,000 meals a day

The Olympic games organisers will provide 700 menu options with 3,000 seats at the main two-storey cafeteria.

It's a huge undertake to feed an Olympic Village which  is a challenging task, with hundreds of chefs preparing ten thousands of meals a day for elite athletes from across the world.
But at Tokyo 2020 Olympics, there's an added pressure as strict Covid-19 pandemic rules forbid athletes from eating at local restaurants, so it's their only chance to sample Japan's famous cuisine.
The senior director of Tokyo's 2020 food and beverages services department, Tsutomu Yamane confessed, "I feel it's a lot of responsibility for us."
Tsutomu Yamane also admitted, "We want them to enjoy (Japanese food)... but it's major pressure."
The Games village can host up to 18 thousand people at a time and the cafeterias will serve up to 48 thousand meals a day, with some open around the clock.
So, the Tokyo's 2020 event organisers will provide 700 menu options with 3,000 seats at the main two storey cafeteria and 2,000 staff at peak hours to meet the needs of all.
Menus are largely divided into three variations: Western, Japanese and Asian, which includes Indian, Chinese and Vietnamese options. And, as Japan's world famous cuisines, there will be also plenty of local flavour.
Tsutomu Yamane said that the focus will be on informal dishes rather than high-end dining like ramen and udon noodles among the staples.
But, one of the biggest disappointments for Japanese food fans is no sushi will be served with raw fish. As per safety norms, rolls will only feature cooked shrimp, canned tuna, cucumber and pickled plum.
Ingredients for the meals will come from all 47 regions of Japan which includes areas hit by 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in keeping with the Olympics’ “Recovery Games" theme.
While some countries has still obstruct food from areas affected by Fukushima nuclear accident. Japan says production from the region is subjected to strict standards than those used elsewhere in the world and items are attentively tested.
Meals will cater to every religious and dietary restriction also including the first gluten free section at a Games Village.
As everything at the Covid-19 pandemic postponed Olympics, the virus will cast a long shadow.

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