590 Indians return home from Taliban's Afghanistan

Ministry of external affairs are monitoring the situation thoroughly

India had successfully brought back 590 people from the war torn country Afghanistan in which majority are Indian citizens but nationals from other countries like Nepal were also evacuated.

The country, on Sunday evacuated around 392 people, which also includes two Afghan lawmakers as part of its mission to bring back Indians and Afghan partners from Kabul. The Indian Embassy of Qatar said 146 Indians were brought separately from Afghanistan to Doha and are being rerouted to India on Sunday night.

The Indian Air Force in C-17 heavy lift military transport aircraft brought total of 168 people, including 107 Indians and 23 Afghan Sikhs and Hindus from Kabul to Hindan airbase (Hindan AFS).

The numbers are rising daily and the government is carrying evacuation missions in coordination with the US and other foreign countries. Ministry of external affairs of India is monitoring the situation thoroughly.

According to local reports, Afghan nationals with Indian visas are facing problems from the Taliban and the scrutiny is increasing and so it will depend on how many people will reach the airport to travel back to India.


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