61-year-old grandma of 17 grandchildren finds love, gets engaged to 24-year-old

The couple who got engaged on July 31 had posted music videos on TikTok despite the hate

Numerous stories have proved timely that true love has no boundaries. When two people fall in love age, race, religion, gender and no other boundaries matters.


Quran McCain who is twenty four years young American, has a girlfriend Cheryl McGregor of 61 year old.


A nearly 37 years of age gap between the two, to which they claim are the sands of time that have not dried out the romance in their lives.


According to Daily Mail, there story of love is quite out of the ordinary. Cheryl McGregor has 17 grandchildren and met McCain when he was just fifteen years old.


The pair says that the romance did not started when they met, but rather blossomed when McCain grew up when they both used to shoot short videos together for TikTok.


Once, Cheryl was getting badly trolled on Tiktok over a dance video when McCain came to her rescue.


And over time, McCain started dropping signals that he was romantically interested in her that is when they got into a relationship and are now engaged.


However, they get a lot of hate from online trolls even many referred to Cheryl as McCain’s “grandma" but they say that they're extremely happy


Cheryl said, “Sometimes it makes me cry because it gets so terrible." Nevertheless, her boyfriend constantly comes to her support.


McCain says, “Some of the things they said would really bother Cheryl but now she has me, I’ll go to war for her, that’s my queen." They also said that their intimate relations are amazing.


The couple got engaged on July 31, continue to post short music videos on TikTok despite the online hate.


The couple even have an “Only Fans" account, where they post bolder and eye-catching photoshoots of themselves.

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