890-million years ago fossil could be evidence of earliest animal life

This research happened more than two decades ago.


A Canadian scientist has found a fossil which is estimated to be 890-million years old.


Elizabeth Turner, who is a professor at the Laurentian University situated at Ontario, Canada, found some fossils which were in rock forms.


She was out doing some field work as a graduate student in the northwest outer part of the country. This incident happened more than two decades ago.


Some days ago she again went there to collect more samples as the modern technology will help in the study of the sponges more. It is the skeleton of some simple aquatic animal but that too with a porous skeleton.


Scientists have believed that life first emerged on earth around 3.5 billion years ago, which was also in the form of animals. But this topic is still to be proven as there is lack of evidence to believe the fact.


Until now, the oldest undisputed fossil sponges date back to around 540 million years. It was discovered in an era called the Cambrian period.

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