9,000 in Germany to be re-vaccinated as nurse injects harmless saltwater solution

The local authorities advises that all should get revaccinated as a precaution

An outburst is developing in Germany as thousands are set to be revaccinated after a nurse administered to inject patients with harmless saltwater solution instead of the Covid-19 vaccine.


Friesland District Administrator Sven Ambrosy said in a news conference Tuesday that around 9 thousand people who may have been given deceptive shots of Covid-19 vaccine in the spring will be offered new vaccinations.


As per a report by a German television channel NDR stated that the nurse that has not been publicly identified, had earlier administered to giving shots of harmless salt water solution to six patients after scepticism were raised in April.


NDR report stated that the nurse said she did so to cover up the fact that she had dropped a vial of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine.


Nevertheless, when the antibody testing was carried out, a much wider group of people is suspected to have been impacted by the deceptive shot of Covid-19 vaccine.


NDR said that the police have also discovered that the woman who worked with the Red Cross had shared some vaccine questionable posts on social media platforms.


The local authorities said they do not know how many out of the 8,577 people who were not given a real vaccine, and advises that all should get revaccinated as a precaution.


The German media reported that those who received the bogus shots were all over age 70 and which made them more vulnerable to the infection that has claimed more than 91,000 lives across the country.


Police investigator Peter Beer said at a news conference that there was reasonable suspicion of danger and cited witness statements.


Though, this was not the first incident in which vaccinations went wrong. Earlier this year, a young Italian woman of 23 year old was mistakenly given six shots of the Pfizer covid vaccine by a distracted nurse.


To which the officials said that the nurse “had an attention lapse.” The young woman who was given the high dosage of vaccine was closely monitored but did not suffer any reaction.

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