Alvarezsaur dinosaurs shrank in size after ant-based diet reveals study

The study found that this happened because it shifted to an ant-based diet.

It has always been a known fact that dinosaurs were huge in size, but now a study claims something different.


According to a study, Alvarezsaur dinosaurs shrank to the size of an ostrich and then to that of chicken when they started to have an ant-based diet.


The study was conducted by Zichuan Qin a PhD student of University of Bristol and Institute of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Palaeoanthropology in Beijing.


He examined dozens of specimens to track the changing of size. While measuring the size, he saw that the older ones were ranging from 10 to 70 kilograms. This was in size from a large turkey to that of a small ostrich. Later its sizes were reduced to that of chickens or small-sized animals.


While researching more on it, Zichuan found this happened because of the diet shifting.


Alvarezsaur lived for nearly 160 to 70 million years ago. They were two-legged predators, who would walk and not fly. They mainly feasted on mammals, baby dinosaurs and lizards.


In a press release Zichuan said, “My calculations show how body sizes went up and down for the first 90 million years they existed, ranging from turkey to ostrich-sized, and averaging 30–40 kg. Then, 95 million years ago, their body size suddenly dropped to 5 kg, and their claw shapes changed from grabbing and cutting to punching”.


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