As Suez Canal reopens, another massive container ship gets struck in UK's Sussex

Unlike the vast container ‘Ever Given’, now the container ‘Elise’ was moved on just after hours

An 80-metre long vessel, called Elise, which wedged itself across a river in West Sussex earlier today. This happens after ‘Ever Given’ had blocked the Suez Canal for a week-long, stuck container ship and cause havoc by blocking the Suez Canal.

Elise was tied in the Littlehampton harbour with a 600-tonne cargo of road stone but drifted into the middle of the River Arun when one of its mooring lines reportedly parted. The social media users were quick to point out the similarities between the situations in humble West Sussex and the Suez.

The large ship, which has now been safely returned to its berth, was stranded diagonally across the river and it drew comparisons with the crisis in the Suez Canal over the past week. However, unlike the vast container Ever Given, one of the largest in the world, Elise was moved on just after hours.

A spokesman for Littlehampton Harbour said: "After much preparation, the operation to move Elise back to her berth was commenced at 10.30am when she began to float again on the rising tide and was concluded by 1.45pm.” He also said that during this period, a limited 300 metre long section of the harbour between the Red Footbridge and Littlehampton Marina, had to be closed to all craft to ensure safety of other harbour users.

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